It’s a common belief that Estate Planning is just for the very rich. If you own a business, own a home or property, anticipate a future inheritance, have minor children or grandchildren, have adult children that have their own marriages, or have been divorced, then Estate Planning is for you. Our goal is to offer you guidance on planning for your estate that sufficiently protects your assets and plans for the continued financial support of your loved ones. If you live in the Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie, FL and surrounding communities, our Estate Planning attorneys can devise an Estate Plan customized to meet your financial goals, and preserve your estate for future generations.

Areas of estate planning we can assist you with include:

Last Will and Testament

A Will is one of the most important Estate Planning Documents you can have prepared. A Will is a great way of helping to ensure that your wishes about your property will be carried out, and can eliminate any guess work about who gets what. Having a properly drafted Will by a qualified Estate Planning attorney can increase the chances of your Will’s validity in Probate court, and can reduce the likelihood of a family member contesting the Will.

We also provide Probate assistance. The Probate process can be intimidating, and often times complex. A Probate attorney is recommended to help facilitate the process.

Living Trusts

Living Trusts are fast becoming popular Estate Planning tools. Much like a Will, a Living Trust can communicate your wishes on the management and distribution of your assets. Though it doesn’t specify guardianship over minor dependants like a Will does, a Living Trust has the added benefit of avoiding the expensive hassle of Probate. Our Estate Planning attorneys here in Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie, FL can advise you on and create a Living Trust customized to fit your needs.

Our firm can also provide assistance with Trust Administration. If you have been designated trustee over a loved one’s Living Trust, knowing what’s ahead is important to successful Trust Administration.

Elder Law and Medicaid Services

The cost of long-term healthcare programs like nursing home living can cost a fortune, costing an average of $74,000 annually. By planning ahead of time, you can ensure you will have the kind of long-term care you desire without depleting your estate. You can make your own medical, legal and financial decisions and rest assured they will be honored if you cannot speak for yourself later.

By formulating a sound legal plan ahead of time we can help ensure the peace of mind you and your family desire. Some of the legal tools involved in this that we can assist you with are:

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney – outlines specific medical decisions you want to be made should you become incapacitated.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Property – outlines what will happen to assets held apart from your Living Trust if your are incapacitated.
  • Gifting Language – special language that can be drafted to include with your Trust document and Power of Attorney to detail your specific wishes.
  • Medicaid Triggers – “triggers” or events that can automatically shift assets out of the name of the incapacitated person.

What can we help you with?

Our attorneys provide offer a wide variety of services that help individuals and families protect their assets.